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Morgan Sound operates the most extensive loudspeaker service center in the Pacific Northwest. Our certified speaker repair technicians are available to assist you with your loudspeaker and driver needs. We provide both warranty and non-warranty service on most professional brands.

We offer three essential services:

  1. Speaker re-edging and re-foaming: This is the first level of service when the speaker surround is damaged. The surround can be damaged from the elements, everyday usage, and accidents. Re-edging is also a cost-effective way to repair the foam surrounds on your vintage loudspeakers.
  2. Speaker re-coning: If parts other than the surround are damaged, such as a burned voice coil, speaker re-coning is needed. To provide the highest level of quality we only re-cone with factory provided kits, never aftermarket or retrofit supplies.
  3. Driver replacement: If the driver is damaged beyond repair, the last option is replacement. If there is an equivalent driver available, we'll make sure the device you receive is matched to the damaged component perfectly.

Pricing on service varies based on the work and materials required. We can often diagnose what needs to be repaired over the phone, but to determine the cost or time required usually involves inspecting the driver at our shop for an accurate estimate.

We are the warranty repair service center for:

  • JBL Professional
  • Yamaha Professional & Commercial Audio
  • QSC Audio Products
  • Community Professional Loudspeakers
  • Bosch ElectroVoice (EV)
  • Loud (Mackie, Crate, Ampeg, EAW)
  • Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
  • SWR Sound Corporation

We offer non-warranty service for most professional brands:

  • Altec Lansing
  • Atlas Professional & Sondolier
  • Boston Acoustics
  • Celestion Loudspeakers
  • Eminance Speaker
  • Event Electronics
  • McCauley Sound, Inc.
  • Peavey Electronics
  • Ramsa Professional Audio
  • Tannoy Professional
  • Bag End Loudspeakers
  • And many others

Rush Service

We can often provide four day rush service on cone speaker repair and same day service on compression driver repair. Please call in advance so we can provide you with an accurate assessment of the time your particular repair will take.

Warranty Repair

Manufacturer warranty repair is determined by both the time from purchase and the type of damage to the driver. If your speaker is still in the warranty period, we can assess this for you before your speaker is repaired. A sales receipt is required by manufacturers to redeem warranty service.

Re-cone Kits

Re-cone kits are not available for sale over the counter, due to the complexity and stipulations from the manufacturers. High frequency diaphragms for compression drivers may be purchased, but if these items are not installed by Morgan Sound there is no warranty.

Residential and Car Audio

As we are a commercial and professional audio dealer, we offer re-edging for a limited number of consumer and residential speakers. We do not service car audio. For all service we cannot perform we refer you to the manufacturer to find a service center.

Service Guarantee

Morgan Sound provides a 90 day warranty in the event of material or workmanship failure. Most manufacturers also offer warranties. Products requiring service during the initial warranty period receive the remainder of the warranty period coverage thereafter.

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