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PreSonus FIREStation FireStation PreSonus FIREStation FIREStation

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The FIREstation is a computer recording interface that provides connection to Mac & PC-based recording software via high-speed FireWire™ connection.
The FIREstation is designed to be the heart of your digital recording studio. You can plug in microphones, instruments and external preamps into the analog inputs while monitoring them in real time without latency.
The FIREstation can also be used without a computer in 'Stand Alone Mode' where all eight channels of analog inputs are directly routed to the ADAT Lightpipe outputs and vice versa. In this mode, you can use the FIREstation simply as an eight channel A/D and D/A converter, a great way to add I/O.
In addition, all eight channels of analog inputs are simultaneously routed to the FIREstation's line mixer. The mixed signal is sent out of the MAIN Outputs as well as the Headphone Outputs. This allows the FIREstation to be used as a stand alone 8x2 analog line mixer. Since the Dual-Path preamps have balanced direct outputs in addition to the mixed Main Outputs, the FIREstation offers even more flexibility by allowing you to use it as an independent stereo mic preamp.
• Easy interface into the computer without having to install additional PCI cards
• Bidirectional audio, MIDI and word sync information – together on a single FireWire bus
• Zero-latency monitoring of recording sources while overdubbing
• Accepts multiple formats of analog and digital inputs and outputs: balanced/unbalanced analog, ADAT, and S/PDIF
• May be used as a stand-alone A/D and D/A converter as well as an 8x2 analog line mixer
• Dual-Path preamps provide a tube or solid state audio path to give maximum tonal flexibility
• Built in 1x1 MIDI port to interface keyboards or other MIDI devices
• Compatible with Yamaha mLAN
• Mac and PC compatible; ships with ASIO drivers for use with today's hottest audio software

Technical Specifications
Preamp Bandwidth 10Hz to 50kHz
Preamp Input Impedance 1.3k Ohms
Instrument Input Impedance 2M Ohms
Preamp THD 0.002%
Residual Noise Floor -96dBu
Preamp Gain 70dB
TRS Input Impedance 10k Ohms
TRS Input Nominal Level +4dBu
TRS Output Impedance 51Ohms
TRS Output Nominal Level +4dBu
TRS Main Outputs Impedance 51 Ohms
TRS Main Outputs Nominal Level +4dBu
Headphone Output 100mW 20-20k
Preamp Pad 20dB
Phantom Power 48V +/- 2V
Meter -20dBu, -10dBu, Clip at +18dbu
Internal Supply Linear
Analog to Digital Converters 24-bit / 44.1K or 48K
ADC Dynamic Range 107db
DAC 24-bit / 44.1K or 48k
DAC Dynamic Range 107db
DAC Noise Floor 96dB
Internal Word Clock Jitter Ultra-Low
mLan™ Speed 200mbps

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