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The Fender Passport Wireless Executive System is specially made for use with Fender Passport PA systems.

Includes 2 mics (headset and Lavalier), a beltpack transmitter, docking receiver and one instrument cable with the Passport Wireless Executive System.

This system is perfect for teachers, auctioneers, and tour guides working with a Passport system. The wireless receiver docks in the rear compartment of your Passport and draws its power from there.

It's a very reliable wireless solution for those on the go or who don't want to spend a lot of time and energy on setup.

The Executive System's belt pack transmitter provides input versatility. The included lavalier mic, headset mic, or instrument cable can be connected to the belt pack's single input.

16-Channels -

The 16-Channel selectable UHF receiver makes it easy to find a clear channel for your presentation.

Status Indicators -

Quickly know what channel you're on or review the noise and RF indicators with easy to read status buttons.

UHF Belt Pack Transmitter -

The handy belt pack transmitter has one input that can accept the included lavalier mic, headset mic, or instrument cable. It runs on a single 9-volt battery.

Includes frequency agile UHF Belt pack transmitter and custom designed docking receiver (usable with any P-80, PD-150, PD-150 Plus, PD-250, PD-250 Plus, PD-500, 150 PRO, 300 PRO, or 500 PRO), lavaliere microphone, headset microphone, instrument cable adaptor (to allow you to plug your guitar or bass into the wireless transmitter), and carrying case

- Carrier: 620-644 MHZ
- Oscillation: PLL Synthesized
- Max. Deviation: + or - 68 KHZ
- Antenna: Built-in
- Sensitivity: +10dbV @ 70db SNR
- Power Output: 20mW 

Model Name Passport Wireless Executive System (UHF)
Model Number 069-2205-000
Description High Quality UHF Wireless Headset/Lavalier/Instrument Microphone and Receiver/Docking System
Series Passport Wireless
Dimensions N/A
Weight N/A
Covering N/A
Power Output N/A
Input Power N/A
Features * 1 Wireless headset microphone
* 1 Wireless lavalier microphone
* 1 Belt-pack Wireless UHF Transmitter (Instrument/Line Cable Included)
* UHF Receiver is Built in to the "Docking" Unit Which Mounts Inside the Storage Compartment
* Power, Audio and Antenna Connections are Built into the Docking Unit
* Specialized "Tone-Key" System Locks the Receiver to the Transmitter
* Passport System Automatically Mutes When the Microphone is Off or Out of Range
* Automatically Routes Signal to Channel 1
Specifications N/A
Introduced 9/2007

• 1 wireless headset microphone
• 1 wireless lavalier microphone
• 1 belt-pack wireless UHF transmitter (instrument/line cable included)
• UHF receiver is built in to the "docking" unit which mounts inside the storage compartment
• Power, audio and antenna connections are built into the docking unit
• Specialized "tone-key" system locks the receiver to the transmitter
• Passport system automatically mutes when the microphone is off or out of range
• Automatically routes signal to channel 1

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