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The Sennheiser Evolution 300 Series wireless microphone system includes the EM300G2 receiver, SK300G2 bodypack transmitter and ME4 cardioid lavalier microphone, with 1440 tunable frequencies and 4 frequency presets.

The 300 Series system is a great choice for presentations, sermons, stage productions, educational or sales demonstrations and the like.
The ME 4 clip-on lavaliere microphone is nearly invisible and has both excellent feedback rejection and a wealth of available gain before feedback.

The small yet durable SK 300 G2 bodypack transmitter and the EM 300 G2 rack-mount receiver feature nine frequency banks with eight directly-accessible presets each – making them ready for immediate use.

The EM300G2 receiver is made of a durable metal enclosure and features a high-visibility backlit LED display. The receiver features 1/4" and XLR balanced (switchable) outputs; its 8 preset memory locations can be reassigned to any of the 1440 available frequencies within the 32MHz tuning range.

The SK300 bodypack transmitter is housed in a compact, rugged enclosure. It also features a backlit LCD display and 8 preset memory locations that can be reassigned to any of the available 1440 frequencies.

The transmitter features an 1/8" locking-mini input for compatible lavalier microphones.
The ME4 cardioid lavalier microphone offers a sensitivity and frequency response suitable for capturing in the most demanding environments.

This Series 300 System Includes:

· 1 EM 300 G2 rack-mount receiver
· 1 SK 300 G2 bodypack transmitter
· 1 ME 4 clip-on microphone
· 1 GA 2 rack mount
· 1 NT 2-1 power supply unit
· 2 telescopic antennas
· 2 AA batteries
· Operating instructions


· EM300 G2 Receiver
· SK300 G2 Bodypack
· ME4 Lavalier Microphone
· 1440 Selectable Frequencies
· 8 Frequency Preset Locations
· C / 740 - 776MHz

Sennheiser EW-322 G2 Set Features:

· Autoscan on all receivers for simple and secure frequency selection
· 518-554MHz
· 1440 frequencies within a 36MHz switching bandwidth for greater tuning flexibility.
· Robust metal construction for durability.
· Compact bodypack transmitters and receiver
· Pilot tone squelch
· New battery concept(AA cells and rechargeable battery accessories).
· Transmitter battery status telemetry on all models.
· Audio signal metering on transmitter LCD display.
· External charging contacts on 300 series bodypacks.
· XLR jacks

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